The Procedure

At the outset in this section it is important to state that I do not perform surgery below the head and neck area. Thus the liposuction that I perform is limited to excess fatty deposits in the dependant “dewlap” area underneath the chin. However, whenever a lax, sagging area underneath the chin needs to be dealt with, it is usually combined with a tightening of the muscles which necessitates a small incision underneath the chin. To this end gentle trimming of the skin directly usually gives the same result as sucking it out.

A “wetting solution” containing a substance to reduce bleeding and improve fat extraction is injected after which a small metal tube is inserted through a small incision to remove the fat.

Once completed, a compression bandage is applied and kept in place for 72 hours. The small incisions are closed with tiny stitches removed after 5 days.

Post-operative care

• As with face-lifting, there is a risk of bleeding and swelling post-operatively so keeping the head elevated, using cold compresses and avoiding strenuous activity is advisable.

• Showering is permitted after 48 hours.

• The area will feel stiff for 2-3 weeks but after the first few days gentle massage is a good idea to promote drainage.

• It is not particularly painful but paracetamol is a good preparation if needed.

Excess liquid in the lungs resulting from the wetting solution or fat emboli due to the actual process are an extreme rarity but should be mentioned for completeness.