The Procedure

If sagging of the eyebrows and/or deep lines between the eyes is a problem then the forehead lift is a good option. It tends to lift the arch of the eyebrow into a more pleasing arch thus opening up the eyelid area plus it is also possible to reduce or even remove the deep “glabella” lines between the eyes by dealing with the corrugator muscles under the skin in that area. The result is a less cross and more relaxed content look to the forehead area.

Under a general anaesthetic I use an endoscopic approach where 3 small incisions are placed in the hairline allowing me to gently dissect down to the level of the eyebrows using a small telescope. At this point the muscles that produce the deep frown lines between the eyes can be released plus the forehead can be appropriately lifted and secured to give the required result. It is reasonable to point out that fine forehead lines are not removed with this procedure and would be much more effectively dealt with using Botox. In the same vein, very deeply etched lines may also need treatment in the form of fillers or possibly even need to be excised.

Two small drains to remove any excess blood are inserted through the hairline incisions and removed the following day before you leave hospital. A gentle head bandage is used to protect and support the forehead for 72 hours after discharge from hospital while the tiny stitches, which are used to close the incisions, will be removed a week later.

Post-operative care

• Again, as with most facial procedures, bleeding and “blood clot” formation must be avoided by keeping the head elevated, applying cold compresses and avoiding too much hot steamy food and drink or steamy baths. This also helps to reduce swelling and bruising which will last for up to 2 weeks.

• Hair washing and showering is acceptable after 48-72 hours.

• Variable numbness of the forehead is usually a temporary occurrence, gradually resolving after 3-4 months with no residual ill effect. Very seldom is this a permanent problem.

• Rigorous physical activity should be avoided for 3-4 weeks afterwards as should bending or lifting.